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At-Home Collagen Production Tips and Skin Rejuvenation Tricks Part 1: Happy Girls are the Prettiest

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The words “happy girls are the prettiest” float around on popular memes. Is there truth to it? I think so! I’ve been a registered nurse for 12 years and transitioned into a nurse entrepreneur and aesthetic nurse. My knowledge and experience working in healthcare and wellness precedes my work in skin-tightening and rejuvenation, but that knowledge of what keeps us healthy on the inside carries over into my philosophies about beauty. Everyone wants to look their best and boost collagen production. Yet so many people are uneducated on self-care and wellness, how it impacts the way they feel, and how the way they feel directly impacts how they look.

Physical attractiveness is not a goal, not really. It’s a delicious and natural side effect of overall wellness and that includes skincare. As I’ve gotten older, I view aging from a place of self-love and wonder. We can’t stop aging, and women especially so rarely appreciate and love the miracle of their bodies. I don’t like the “anti-aging” message. I don’t want to promote anti-aging. Aging is an honor some were not granted. I want to promote aging beautifully. Our amazing bodies work so hard for us every day, and being down on ourselves doesn’t make us feel or look better. Premature aging isn’t even an enemy; it’s a signal from our bodies. The state of your skin, even if you’re not pleased with it, is your friend. Your body and your skin communicate their needs through how you feel, but also how you look. Our skin tells us when we aren’t caring for ourselves how we should, and many times that self-neglect is multifaceted, especially for women.

We are prone to neglecting our own mental and spiritual health. While fulfilling roles which mean the most to us, we often forget ourselves. I come from a close-knit family and we take care of each other. Those connections are the most important, but I must remember there’s more to me than my relationship with the people and the home I love so dearly. I have to nurture myself first to maintain my energy and passion as I walk clients along their aging beautifully journey. I love to stay connected with each client through the entire 12-week skin rejuvenation process.

I believe every woman is a work of art. You must nurture art, right? Promoting collagen production at home is the first building block to skin rejuvenation long before you sign up for my Fibroblast skin-tightening services. Healthy, rejuvenated skin starts from the inside out. When I look in the mirror, I see more than a canvas to express my creativity; there's so much more to women's beauty than what's skin deep. My clients' overall health is my highest priority. I assist in every client’s unique self-care path tailoring my plan to meet their needs so they feel great about doing something that's just for them. Self-care decreases stress. We glow when we take care of neglected aspects of ourselves. When we attend to the body's overall needs through nutrition, movement, and stress management, our skin responds in more ways than one.

The connections between mental, spiritual, and emotional health have been long understood in philosophies of many ancient cultures well before Western medicine discovered the actual science behind what Appalachian grandmas and yogis alike have been trying to teach us about wellness and healing. Even proper breathing, song, exposure to nature, and art play an amazing role in promoting skin health and beauty through every stage of life. When we’re happy, we smile more! We’re friendly, open, and approachable! Research shows observers rate photos of strangers smiling as more attractive than photos of people with frowns or neutral expressions. Humans want to be around healthy people; health is beautiful!

In my blog, I’ll share many types of wisdom on living well and aging beautifully, healing lessons that inspire me, and hopefully motivates you, too. I’ll get to the lotions and serums, the old Appalachian grandma wisdom, and many other healing and wellness philosophies from around the world that I find useful and easy to do at home. I’m so happy you’re on this journey with me. I can’t wait to get started supporting you on yours. For all my health and wellness tips to living well and aging beautifully, follow me on FB, Instagram, and Tiktok. Let’s do this!

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Angelina poses in a sunhat before a sunny field of  colorful wildflowers.
Angelina M. Oliver, Nurse Entrepreneur and Aesthetic Nurse, Advanced Plasma Fibroblast Skin-Tightening Specialist


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