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Plasma Sculpt Fractional Facial

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The Plasma Sculpt Fractional Facial


Perfect for clients that want to IMROVE their skin WITHOUT ANY DOWNTIME. This facial brightens, promotes collagen, improves wrinkles and skin elasticity. With continued use, this facial can PREVENT dark spots from forming.


This facial uses the power of Plasma Energy to:

1) PROMOTE transdermal absorption.  PAINLESSLY transports active ingredients into the skin.  This facial softly opens your skin pores through an electroporation effect to prepare the skin for the absorption of skin rejuvenating serums.

2) Potent serums permeate deeply, infusing into the deeper dermal layer to promote collagen production and cell rejuvenation.

3) EFFECTIVE for skin elasticity, skin-whitening, improving wrinkles, and gives a soft lifting effect with continued use. This facial can be done weekly or once a month as maintenance for your skin for long term benefits and for prevention of dark spots and freckles from even forming.  

60 minutes to complete or more depending on the areas treated. NO DOWNTIME and NO CRUSTS.


This treatment can also be performed on darker skin tones, which makes it a wonderful option for clients who aren't good candidates for the plasma fibroblast skin-tightening treatment or can't afford the downtime! 

Contraindications for this treatment include: pacemaker, not recommended for irritated skin (psoriasis, lupus, eczema) pregnant, breastfeeding, or cancer patients. This treatment is not recommended for open wounds or irritated skin.


Clients must wait 2 weeks between other skin aesthetic treatments (laser, microneedling, etc.).  Regular daily skincare regimen does not have to be stopped leading up to this treatment, and skincare products can be resumed or used the night of treatment.

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