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5 ways Stress Impacts Your Skin: Keep it Glowing: Introduction

Come back to my blog for future posts on ways to reduce stress for glowing skin! We all want to age beautifully and managing stress is the first step to increasing natural collagen production.

1- Excessive dryness.

If you’re overextending yourself, you might forget the basics like forgetting to hydrate. Water increases skin elasticity and collagen production. Big time! So, fill up that travel bottle every day and don’t leave home without it! And if you don’t like plain water, try some herbal tea or squeeze in a little lemon.

2- You just look tired lately.

Are you looking older than your calendar age lately when people used to say you look young for your age? If we don’t prioritize stress reducing activities every day, lines may show up a little earlier than expected as a signal we need to slow it down and prioritize self-care.  So do some yoga. Get moving and don’t forget to connect everyday with friends, family, hobbies, time in nature, and pets.

3- Sudden or excessive acne.

When stress hormones are chronically elevated this is going to show up on your skin in the form of breakouts! Many of us tend to turn to sugar when we’re stressed, and this can increase breakouts, too. Sugar is also a collagen-killer! So, skip that soda and say no to the extra whip on that latte today. Have some herbal tea instead.

4- Uneven tone. Redness.

Stress can cause an increase in the hormone cortisol and other hormones which can trigger melasma and ultraviolet-induced hyperpigmentation.  So, go for a walk, but don’t forget to wear that sunscreen when you do!

5-  Puffy eyes. Dark circles.

This can happen if you’re not getting enough sleep. Prioritize rest! Come up with a nighttime routine. I’ll have some tips on getting consistent beauty sleep in my future posts.

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